The Competency Assessment Model

It may occur as part of the competency appraisal process and takes into account the interests, contributions, roles and responsibilities, knowledge, and skills of the employee at the company.

These activities, businesses can provide a skills inventory, skills set for each job title, additional training program or work assignments may be planned as mechanisms to qualify employees for subsequent roles within their career path at the company.

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The Competency Assessment Scenario

The Competency Rada Chart

Competency Assessment Process

In order to conduct an assessment for a job title, the focus initially needs to be on what skill categories or skill items are of highest impact, highest value, and highest contribution to the job role in your career path.

Once you have been determined, which covers all knowledge and experiences, you can select the right level of proficiency, complete your profile then submit to your leader or project manager.


  • CREATE Profile or COPY / EDIT Existing Profile
  • SELECT Skill Group and Category
  • SELECT Competency Level for each Skill Category
  • SUBMIT Assessment Profile to Leader/Manager
  • REVIEW and COMMENT Assessment Profile
  • APPROVE/REJECT Assessment Profile

The Job Title Rankings

Job evaluation is an important activity in your organization that determines the rank of a job position in the business unit or an organization.

In the above the assessment result, skills, and knowledge are arranged in order of their rating or merit to the competency framework. Accordingly, the skills, knowledge, and behaviors in the model provide job rank of the employee to the organization and its relative importance integrating to the workforce system or training plan.

A closer look at the Job Assessment scenario of many job titles in the software industry.

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Who use the Result of Job Title Rankings


It also helps employees identify gaps in the personal skills required for moving to a higher job rank or catching up on new technologies in the future.

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Project Manager

It also helps the manager to identify all the personal skills required for allocating the workforce to the project.

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HR Division

It basically gives all the points of view on competency results so that both parties are on the same view regarding the benefits policy.

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L&D Division

It helps the L&D (Learning and Development) managers to see a clear picture of current competencies, in order to launch the courses for each particular role in the organization.

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