JREC Model - The Performance Appraisal System

JREC stands for 🅙obs are 🅡equired, 🅔ncouraged, and 🅒hallenged to do.

It is a model may apply as part of the project management and performance appraisal process, and it can take into account the productivity, behavior, and quality of an employee's jobs at the company.

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Required Tasks and Responsibilities

The manager can assign the required tasks, additional tasks, introduce the incentive jobs, and share the challenging jobs to their members.

Incentive and Challenging Jobs

The members also can self-assign the incentive jobs, self-involved challenging jobs in the project planning with a limit or unlimited time.

🅙🅡🅔🅒 Activities and Process

Manager or Leader

The manager can identify all the personal skills required for the tasks and responsibilities to assign to the project members.


The [project] member takes responsibility to complete tasks as scheduled time, and then update "Actual Due Date", "Job Status".