Skills and Workforces

The core skills reflect the skills set of the most popular competency business/technology domains identified by the SEFIX as fundamental to the effective management of technology resources in the era of Industry 4.0.

How to be professional every day at work and career-path, engineers must adopt practical skills besides the knowledge, technologies, and methodologies. Learn about the benefits of the SEFIX Ecosystem in the software industry.

The Competency Assessments

It may occur as part of the performance appraisal process and takes into account the interests, knowledge, and skills of the employee at the company. These businesses can provide an additional education, training, or work assignments that may be planned as mechanisms to qualify employees for subsequent roles within their career path at the company.

The Competency Assessment Diagram for Software Product Development Engineer

Closer look about the Competency Assessment scenario of many job titles in software industry.

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Career Pathways

When employees think they have the next move higher position, you will show the career-path in the organization, and employees can see where they want to work, the following demo diagram is the career path of Project Manager that you can find from SEFIX solution.

Career-Path Diagram for Software Project Manager

Discover about the career-path diagrams of most popular Job Titles in software industry.

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Skills Ranking

Learn how to develop professional skills make you a better person, create capacity to take on more responsibility, and build success in your work and your career path.

Skills Ranking Diagram for Software Product Development Engineer

Each of an above crucial skills are described in the skills ranking pattern for Software Product Development Engineer, view more on resources and tools.

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Job Interview Skills

How to be professional interviewing every day at work, interviewers must adopt most minimum mandatory practical and technologies skills for specific job positions besides the knowledge and methodologies.

Job Interview Skills for Software Product Development Engineer

Learn about the standard templates of Job Interview Skills in software industry.

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Project Skills Mappings

Specialized Skills Matrix is a great approach for keeping track of your staff’s core competencies, skills, qualifications, and certification across your entire project(s), where more importantly, how could managers be benefiting from this data-driven.

Required Skills Matrix for Software Product Development Engineer

Explore about the specialized skills matrix for project in Information Technology and Software Engineering.

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Skill Gaps and Training Plan

Identifying skills gaps is critical to building effective and focused training programs. Organizations launch programs without enough understanding of where the skill gaps exist in their workforce.

  • Business Skills
  • Technology Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Behaviour Skills

Benefits and Rewards

Aligning job descriptions to SEFIX levels provides clear support for job ranking. Especially useful is the clear difference between the attributes of the current level and the next level.

Organizations can use SEFIX levels of responsibility to assist in job evaluation and ranking.

  • Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Salary and Allowances
  • Incentive Bonuses
  • Holiday
  • Family and Medical Leave Act.

These payments are the best truly benefits of evaluation an employee is dedicated to and paid.