The Skills Ranking Scenario

The Professional Skills Ranking Scenario can help you identify the professional skills and engineering knowledge of employees as well as what are really important behaviors in their current job title.

Explore more of the Professional Skills Ranking Scenario of other Job title and try to use the power of Skills Ranking Scenario toolkit in workforce management work.

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Who use the Skills Ranking Result


It also helps employees identify gaps in the professional skills required for joining to project or planning to change career paths in the future.

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Project Manager

It also helps the project manager to identify all professional skills required for assigning the right tasks or allocating to the project as well as send to client.

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Product Owner

By ranking different aspects of Professional Skills, the results can introduce to the product owner (client) and encourage the employee to look at positions or jobs they may not have considered before.

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Workforce Assurance Unit

It gives all the scenario of entire skills which might be needed for the current or next projects so that the workforce assurance unit provides reasonable policies.

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