Software Engineer - Competency Components

SEFIX Competency model is included five key components and their corresponding weight (dependent on model of BUILD-UP or BUY-IN in Workforce plan):

  • Responsibilities and Duties (weight 0-20%)
  • Job Roles (weight 0-10%)
  • Business Contribution (weight 0-25%)
    • Years/Months of Work Experiences
    • Organization Contribution
    • Project Contribution
    • Personal Contribution
  • Professional Skills (weight 0-30%)
    • Software Engineering Skills
    • Software Testing Skills
    • Additional Engineering Skills
    • Non-Engineering Skills
    • Workplace and Soft Skills
    • Natural Language Skills
  • Knowledge and Education (weight 0-15%)

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Scenario of competency weight for Software Engineer

Scenario of competency weight for Software QAQC Engineer