Terms of Service!

At the SEFIX organization, our goal is to spread ideas. We encourage the SEFIX community, non-profit organizations and the like to share SEFIX Resources that are open for distribution through competency ecosystem, other platforms, and public events.

While sharing ideas openly is a big part of who we are, we do license our content under certain conditions listed below.

Non-commercial cases

We encourage you to share resources related to the competency framework that is licensed for distribution under our distributed policy.

Commercial cases

Using SEFIX resources in a commercial context (on an intranet system, at a company event, in training materials, within SEFIX-branded templates offering or toolkit, and more), requires a license. Please fill out our media licensing request form to inquire about licensing SEFIX content. Read more below about bringing SEFIX Resources to for-profit companies.

If you’re interested in organizing a SEFIX-like event in your own community, please learn more about how to do so through our SEFIX initiative.