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Whether you are an Information technology services, a Software development company, an Artcificial Intelligence foundation, a Data Science organization, a Fintech service company, Outsourcing service company, an Offshore development center; if you want to take your organization to new heights, SEFIX EcoSystem is the ideal way to get started.

It is the powerful ecosystem that enterprises rely on worldwide, packaged material for simple download, UI/UX friendly, ease-of-use, and a full-featured experience.

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New version available!

The SEFIX EcoSystem 6 available!

The SEFIX EcoSystem is developed through global software development and IT services with the software industry and business.

The current version of the Competency framework adopted skills and tools are now available and ready for you to apply.

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The Future version

The future version we are upgrading skills and updating skills of other industries become the next version of the SEFIX EcoSystem.

People can send feedback directly or by posting adjustments of the current framework to us via any email.

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SEFIX EcoSystem 6.0

SEFIX Competency Model

Having a Competency model can help organizations understand where you are concentrated, how prepared you are to meet future human resources challenges, and how key employees can be developed and retained, while simultaneously improving the effectiveness of the organization in the era of industry 4.0.

Dependent on the specific business model and culture of organization, you can add, update and remove as well as set weight for each component in Competency model.

SEFIX Competency model has included five key components and their corresponding weight (dependent on the model of BUILD-UP or BUY-IN in Workforce plan).

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SEFIX Competency Components

  • Responsibilities and Duties (weight 0-25%)
  • Job Roles (weight 0-10%)
  • Business Contribution (weight 0-20%)
    • Years/Months of Work Experiences
    • Organization Contribution
    • Project Contribution
    • Personal Contribution
  • Professional Skills (weight 0-30%)
    • Specialized Skills
    • Engineering Skills
    • Non-Engineering Skills
    • Workplace and Soft Skills
    • Natural Language Skills
  • Knowledge and Education (weight 0-15%)

JREC Model - Performance Appraisal System

JREC Methodologies

The 🅙🅡🅔🅒 Model propounds a definition of management of responsibility during managing projects, business unit, and the ways of monitoring the 🅙obs that an employee is

  • 🅡equired to do: The major jobs, employee are required to complete in a scheduled time.
  • 🅔ncouraged to do: The incentive jobs, an employee is encouraged to do in a scheduled time or unlimited time.
  • 🅒hallenged to do: The challenging jobs, an employee is challenging to do in a scheduled time or unlimited time.

Responsibilities and Activities

In an organization, a manager has a significant responsibility during a performance review to make sure their member know their own jobs and productivity over the past period (monthly or quarterly) or the joined project.

Taking responsibility to evaluate the performance appraisal for the employees by setting clear goals and expectations for each duty, tracking progress against the goals, ensuring collaboration and feedback, and resolving issues related to the performance promptly.

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SEFIX Organization!

Skills Ecosystem for Industry 4

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We're SEFIX® - a non-profit services organization. We believe the skills ecosystem, competency models, resources, scenario, and small tools supply critical resources to drive the growth of businesses, universities, and institutes where nobody knows your community's needs the way you do.

At SEFIX®, we also partner with institutions like yours, providing our patterns of methodology platform, technology, as a comprehensive SEFIX framework. It begins with innovative tools, framework and includes marketing, training, compliance, research, support, and consulting.

Together we can show the next generation of career framework and competency models to your employees experiences the SEFIX ecosystem that can't be better.

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